5 Most Common On Page Issues And How To Fix Them

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Most Common On Page Issues And How To Fix Them

5 Most Common On Page Issues And How To Fix Them

We definitely want our pages to rank well in search engines and it is important that we understand the basic of SEO. Most of us are unaware of SEO mistakes and focus just on the content for SEO but it is really important to know what on page mistakes to avoid in SEO and if that’s already done, then how to fix them.


1. Content Duplicity

This is the most common mistake that SEO professionals complain of. What a duplicate content does is that it lets Google pick the page they think is best to be included in the search results. Since there are multiple pages with the same content, it causes your page to fight for getting on top. To fix this, use applications and software which scans the content of your website and shows the page that has content similar to any other page. Hire an SEO Company (Edigizone) which gives assured original content. Because content is the king and it can really ruin your ranking.


2. Broken Images And Missing Tags

Images are an important part of content marketing. So an alt tag is used to help the search engine understand what the image is about. Broken images cause the same problem as broken links. These are the dead ends for the user and the search engine, which degrades the page ranking. There are tools available which help you scan the image and the links and tell you what needs to be fixed.


3. Meta Descriptions

A meta description is the short description of the page that is displayed with the search results and most people miss it. Using Yoast SEO plugin will help you with getting the right Meta description for your page.


4. Poor Navigation

This is another common problem that needs attention. If visitors have a problem navigating around on your page, they will not stay long there. If the page looks irrelevant to the user, it will not rank on a search engine.


5. Title Tag

Title tag or page title appears at the top of the search listing and it determines what the page is about. Duplicate, long title tags, missing and even too short title tags are problems that should be avoided on the page. SEO tools help in identifying good title tags and resolve this issue. This is why it is always suggested to hire a good and trusted SEO Service.

Research shows that there are many on-page SEO problems. Some may not affect your ranking but you should definitely take help from the Our SEO firm (Edigizone) which understands SEO and resolves these issues.

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