Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends To Follow In 2019

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Mobile App Development Trends

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends To Follow In 2019

Mobile applications have come a long way. From a no app phone to the Android smartphone revolution which changed the world completely. But even after a large number of downloads, the competition is tougher for the developers to keep the users continue to use the app regularly. Every application needs a way to stand out of the crowd in the market.

So, here’s a list of the top 5 trends in mobile application development that you should watch out for in 2019.


1. Simplified User Interface

The app designers will have to focus on designing applications with the simple user interface. The simpler the interface, the better is its functionality. So it is important the application is user-friendly.


2. Swiping

Let’s agree, we all love the easy swipe options on our phone which right now is limited but this will be the major trend to be watched upon in 2019. With a lot of scope for improvement, swiping gesture is helpful for notifications, gamification, traditional customer journey, and niche specific applications.


3. Illustrations

Gone are the days when text content was the king. This is the time to use images and videos. In fact, application developers are designing interactive interface with lesser text and more self-explanatory images for storytelling.


4. Dynamic Colors

We now know that colors play an important role in mobile app designing. The trend this year will be using color schemes with light and dark backgrounds. It is important to understand the colors and the brand that it represents. Every color has a significant relation with the brand along with other designing elements like font, size, images, texts, symbols, etc.


5. Functional Animations

Animation has always been a vital part of mobile app development and this year it will be about making animation more functional. Designs with simple and decent UI will be predominant even in animations this year.

Mobile application development will be dominating this year as well with more features trending and exploring new avenues for developers. It is important that you go with developers who provide the best Mobile application development service and best SEO Services to ensure that you stay in competition when it comes to keeping your audience and customer engaged to your application. A good Search Engine Optimization Company will always focus on developing an app that is top notch and keeps the trends in mind.